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Jason Accordance with company policies Collection of techniques (born Lunar calendar month thirty, 1991), known by his internet name Videogamedunkey or Dunkey, is a Gringo associate-level YouTuber recognized for his YouTube skits or video essays that blend obscene comedy with a critique of video leisure. As of Dec 2020, Gastrow’s Youtube page has over six million viewers, and more than 2 billion streams of his films are – anti at the same time.

Video Game Dunkey

Video Game Dunkey League of Legends

In specific, as an LoL (League of Legends) media content maker, Video Game Dunkey put his origins on YouTube, making over 180+ movies of the very well-known game. His ending LoL film was recorded on 12 Sept 2015 and was called “[Done With League of Legends]” and was supposed to signify his departure. with both the game once James’ account was illegal for Revolution computer games at the same time as he once started to make each alternate video thanks to the reality Toxic effects (as ironic because as the situation was). He created the video to illustrate why he never quit content only on the game as accurately as building the associate’s degree content. apologies to the European Union agency’s backers returned to recall his as an LoL stream. Video Game Dunkey Throughout the long run, this interaction arguably benefited his channel, delivering fresh followers from the special areas due to its very fact that he was once willing to cowl.

Video Game Dunkey Style & Personality

Some United Nations organization classifies Video Game Dunkey as just a control measure so the last shitposter is good because of the fact that when he downloads gameplay he displays every stage of the ruined game. In such emotionless and satirical language, he gives his jokes that any topic he says is a quote. When it includes feedback, he would place maximum power on it, all while in his trademark accent, he is viciously simple or indifferent to that. Thanks to the reality of this sound, he got a touch of ill-famousness for his comments. Video Game Dunkey Another trademark of his is that at the end of every clip the spelling of his awfully own word.

A big theme in his stream is that when he performs, he uses a USB wheel and that he is manacled but his little brother plays as well.

List of nicknames

  • Video Game Dunkey
  • Dunkey
  • Dunk
  • Dunk House
  • Dunkin
  • Dunk Ocean
  • MeatWadSprite
  • Dink

List of songs

  • “Petters on the Low” (Red Dead Redemption)
  • “I Got It” (League of Legends)
  • “Get Video Game Dunkey” (League of Legends)
  • “New Rengar Build” (League of Legends)
  • “Horse Rap Team of Legends” (League of Legends)
  • “Video Game Dunkey’s Jam” (Glover)
  • “The Operations Rise” (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2)
  • “Pet Me Horse” (n/a)
  • “Money Money Man” (n/a)
  • “LoL Cypher” (League of Legends)
  • “I Got It” (League of Legends)

Video Game Dunkey Views and style

According to Gastrow, though each of them currently writes a video script and saves voice-overs for the duration of comment, he records entirely separate instances while he plays. Gastrow’s films portray League of Legends associate’s Overwatch (2016) square measure examples of the latter; he said in an interview how he “would attempt and scale back out the funniest elements.” Gastrow’s most-watched game, “Ultimate Skyrim”, portrays him working with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) using a number of user-created modifications to the problem of breaking the problem. Video Game Dunkey Gastrow listed people that he is aware of, Adult Swim tv series such as turquoise young Hunger Force, Ghost Shore to Coast field, and thus the Tim & Eric shows as inspiration and has shared that he likes watching films by YouTubers ProJared and distraction scholar poor treatment.

According to Anthony Bennett Kurkerewicz of Tone Lexington, the Collection of techniques is an associate’s instance of “new computer games criticism” a criticism technique stirred by New Media’s unfair treatment. Video Game Dunkey Although most of Gastrow’s ’s area movies invented to be Gilbertian, in addition, he makes serious ones. Gastrow criticized internet platforms such as IGN in a 2017 clip “Play Commentators” for his or her decentralized views, derogatory writing, “the vague ethics of structured investment with the corporations [they’re] supposed to cowl,” and hence the division between reviewers and viewers.

Video Game Dunkey Personal life

Gastrow was born on the Gregorian calendar in the thirtieth month of 1991. He resided in Wisconsin Town and Madison. Video Game Dunkey A grade school instructor may be Gastrow’s momma. Collection of techniques married fellow YouTuber Leah Bees in Sept 2019, with whom she once had a long friendship. Video Game Dunkey The fact that Gastrow is dark, the Bee relates to his voice and hence the reality that he rarely reveals his face in photos is constant confusion and a talking joke on the channel.


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