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The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King Video Game EA Redwood Shores’ is a hack and minimizes fitness entertainment for the PlayStation 2 and Windows. It was ported to the Super Nintendo and Xbox by Hypnos Media, the Gameboy Color Advance by Griptonite Games, the versatile by JAMDAT, and OS X by Beenox. Electronic Arts used to be the distributor of the game. It is a sequel to The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, which was released in 2002.

The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King Video Game

The remake is based on Peter Jackson’s 2002 film The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and his 2003 film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, all of which were released shortly after the game. However, since the game is a 1/3 adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1954 novel The Return of the King, certain elements from the novel that are no longer directly mentioned or shown in the films will not be resolved in the game. This is because, at the time, Vivendi Universal Games, in collaboration with Tolkien Enterprises, owned the rights to the computer game adaptations of Tolkien’s scholarly works. Electronic Arts owned the rights to the New Line Cinema computer game editions at the time.


The Return of the King is a hack and minimize undertaking sport played from a third-person angle, as depicted by way of the engineers as a slicing feature adaptation of Gauntlet. In terms of critical interactivity, the recreation is essentially the same as its archetype. Each character has a quick attack that does no damage and is quickly obstructed, as well as a crazy attack that does more damage but leaves the player defenseless in the face of assault as they become slower. Only ferocious attacks are capable of destroying an opponent’s defenses. Each character also has a “slaughtering pass,” which is a run attack (which can be utilized to rapidly homicide added down adversaries), a repel (which can deflect foe assaults), a thump back (which pushes close by enemies away), a hop back (in which the player persona leaps past the foe in the opposite direction), a genius assault (a charged vicious assault), and an incredible ability. Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, and Sam are playable characters in the console and PC versions, with Faramir, Pippin, and Merry available as unlockable characters. Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Gandalf, and Éowyn are playable characters in the GBA structure, with Gollum and Sam available as unlockable characters.

Each playable character has its own set of abilities and attributes. After completing each level, the player can use ride focuses to redecorate their characters’ abilities and combos. The number of focuses a participant can achieve is determined by the success of their murders. Throughout each stage, the participant’s ability to dispatch opponents will be measured on a scale of “reasonable,” “great,” “incredible,” and “awesome.” The more detail a participant slaughters, the better the trip they get. The player’s capability is determined by an on-screen meter that increases as the player defeats opponents. To save the meter from shedding down, the player must avoid getting struck and slaughter enemies with a variety of techniques. When a player reaches the Perfect level, all of their assaults become more powerful, and the distance traveled from each executes is multiplied. Regardless, perfect repute only lasts for a short period. Another feature of Return of the King is that at the end of each level, instead of purchasing upgrades for the individual character, the player may also buy “Cooperation” upgrades, which apply to all playable characters. Characters may, however, have the option of gaining a special skill once they reach the assessing journey stage.

The sensible definition of the sporting conditions is a significant departure from The Two Towers. The player can use hardware to get to their targets, such as scaffolds and slings, and use medicinal items as weapons against murder enemies, such as lances and cauldrons. The degrees are almost double the size of The Two Towers’ largest degree, and many are even less straightforward. Unlike The Two Towers, The Return of the King has a multiplayer mode that allows two players to play the game together. Besides, the North American PlayStation 2 system has an online multiplayer mode with USB headset support, which was removed from the European version of the game.

The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King Video Game

Level summaries
Path of the Wizard (Gandalf only)
Helm’s Deep

At Helm’s Far, the individual must crush the Uruk-hai. This is a level of intellectual exercise in which the player can attempt various tasks using the various hits that the game has to offer. The degree is completed as the participant uses three ballistas to destroy an explosives truck on the interstate, driving the Uruks away from Helm’s Deep.

Failure if: (Player cannot fail)

Allies- Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn, and the Rohirrim

The Road to Isengard

In the Fangorn backwoods, the participant pursues the orcs and Uruk-hai. To progress, the player must help the Ents by killing 75 enemies. After following the route, the participant will arrive at the Isengard Dam. The player can then impeach the Ent attempting to destroy the dam with orc toxophilite by slaughtering them and allowing the Ent to spoil the dam. When the dam is destroyed, the stage ends.

Failure if: The player is killed by orcs and dies.


Minas Tirith – Top of the Wall

The player can run through Minas Tirith’s dividers, thumping down attack stepping stools, and killing any enemies at the easiest point of the divider. He should always ensure that the crush meter is as low as it should be, given the fact that the player can come up quickly if such a large number of foes make it to the divider. Occasionally, attack pinnacles will appear, which the player can either fire a launch at (left-side pinnacles only) or aim straight. At the point where the player destroys the fourth attack tower (which will arrive on the divider regardless),

Failure if: The player dies or the wall is overrun.

Allies-Gondorian swordsmen and archers

Minas Tirith – Courtyard

The doors have been breached, and the player must now fight hordes of enemies trying to get through the messed-up entranceway, with the help of a couple of Gondor warriors. His primary objective is to protect the yard while encouraging normal citizens to flee to safety. Huge savages will be a part of the roles until one hundred fifty ordinary citizens have been rescued. When 200 common people have been rescued, the degree closes.

Failure if: The player dies.

Allies-Gondorian archers

Path of the King (Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli)
Paths of the Dead

The player, like Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli, must ascend the Paths of the Dead to the true heart of the Dwimorberg peak, dubbed the Dead Men of Dunharrow, to fight for Gondor. They must battle apparitions who seem to want to kill them along the way. There’s also a point where the Three Hunters are apprehended and must crush 35 phantoms before continuing. When the actor reaches the farthest limit of the Paths of the Dead, the stage ends.

Failure if: The player dies.

Allies-Legolas,Aragorn and/or Gimli

King of the Dead

The participant must now engage in combat with only the King of the Dead. The King attacks with a three-strike attack or by summoning pointless troops. After a portion of his health has been depleted, he begins to blast a magnificent wind at the player, and his three-strike attack becomes a five-stroke assault. After the King is crushed, the participant must flee the collapsing mountain to return to his home and slay any spirits that stand in his path.

Failure if: The player dies

Allies-Legolas and / or Aragorn and / or Gimli

The Southern Gate

To support the Rohirrim at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, the individual must pass through the Southern entrance. Despite this, he should be able to fend off a large number of Uruks and orcs who have set traps for him. This stage is for you if you’ve ever been to a tournament where you’ve had to battle a lot of opponents. Furthermore, two savages paused. To get to the best possible element of the door, the participant must fire three launches, two at a pinnacle and one at a savage. After crushing the savage at the end, he must destroy a Mumakil by photographing it from four different angles and then exploding it. Then he must unlock the door. When the individual receives the previous door alive, the stage is completed.

Failure if: The player dies

Allies- Legolas, Aragorn and/or Gimli

Pelennor Fields

The player is immediately dispatched into full-scale battle against a few Easterlings and Uruks surrounded by Rohirrim. They can fight before 60 opponents have been killed. Merry and Éowyn will be involved in the fight at that time. Mumakil will also fight on the front lines. The player must obliterate the Mumakil pursuing Éowyn and Merry by destroying its shielding layer and exploding it faster before it reaches the point of no return (the Mumakil will then slaughter them in the tournament that it arrives, and the game will fail). The Witch-ruler would occasionally ride down on his Fell Beast to attack Merry and Eowyn. The player must fire the Witch-lord before it flees. This back-and-forth will continue until the Witch-Fell lord’s Beast is dispatched. Éowyn will put him to death, and the worthless will show up.

Failure if: The player dies or the Witch-king kills Éowyn and Merry or Mumakil crushes them.

Allies-The Legolas, Aragorn and/or Gimli, Rohirrim

The Black Gate
There are three parts to this level, separated by checkpoints.

The stage begins with the player confronting the Mouth of Sauron, who was previously wearing Frodo’s Mithril shirt. At that point, the player tries to smash him. The creation is saved after the participant destroys the Mouth, and the next step begins.

Swarms of orcs will emerge from Mordor’s Black Gate. The player must kill any enemies that make it into the slag ruins while still ensuring that the rest of the Fellowship is secure (different people get better wellness when you are shut to them). After three bosses have been killed, the aim is to execute six heroes; instead, the foes would arrive from the aspects literally as the front. When each of the six heroes is defeated, a precise location is revealed, and three Ringwraiths appear.

The Ringwraiths will amuse themselves by assassinating the member and the Fellowship’s humans. When the three Ringwraiths are defeated, the stage ends.

Failure if: The player dies or any other member of the Fellowship dies.

Allies-Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli, Gondorians, Rohirrim


The Return of the King’s senior producer, Todd Arnold, stated that the game’s aim was not to retell the story of the film, but rather to encourage the player to get as close as possible to seeing the first parts of the film for themselves. The levels were designed with this goal in mind, with just enough plot to keep the player’s actions interesting. Freedoms were taken with the story in this manner, and pundits noted that there was nothing in the movie that ought to ruin the movie with those who had not yet seen it.”On the off chance that you know nothing about the story of The Return of the King, the plot of the game might be difficult to understand,” GameSpot’s Greg Kasavin said, “then the narrative of the game may be hard to follow, alternatively you would sincerely have the ordinary idea.” “In the tournament where you do not want every step of the movie spoiled for you, it will be best to hold off on seeing The Return of the King until after you’ve seen the film,” he said.

The Wizard’s Path continues by following the events of the most critical stage. The Uruk-hai and orc armed pressure’s final elements flee into Fangorn Forest. However, deep inside the woods, the Ents, led by Treebeard, have awakened and entered the battle against Sauron. Gandalf assists the ents in annihilating the bulk of the military, and later in slicing down a barrier that is preventing the River Isen from flowing freely. This floods Isengard, capturing Saruman (Christopher Lee) in his peak, Orthanc, where he had united with Sauron. At that point, Gandalf and Pippin (Billy Boyd) depart for Minas Tirith, Gondor’s capital, leaving Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and the Rohirrim to follow them. Gandalf has gone ahead of the others, claiming that Sauron has mistakenly accepted Pippin’s possession of the Ring. Gandalf intends to take advantage of the chaos to occupy Sauron when Frodo and Sam are driven through Gollum (Andy Serkis) into Mount Doom to destroy the Ring. Gandalf assists the enemies from the dividers in Minas Tirth for a while, but they eventually get past the city’s guards. Gandalf and the Minas Tirith fighters revert to a yard at that point, where they must protect the fleeing ordinary citizens from the enemy. When the men and women are safely inside, Gandalf will do little but expect the appearance of Aragorn.

When traveling to Minas Tirith, the Path of the King meets up with Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and the Rohirrim. However, before they show up, the three companions must walk the Paths of the Dead to persuade the Army of the Dead to join their cause in the War of the Ring. To do this, they must defeat the King of the Dead (Jarion Monroe) in battle. The Paths of the Dead begin to implode after this, and they must flee before the crashing debris engulfs them. They travel to Minas Tirith and fight in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, aided by the Army of the Dead. Joining the Rohirrim and Minas Tirith’s troops, Orcs, Easterlings, Haradrim, and oliphaunts are among the enemies they encounter. They must also safeguard Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Éowyn (Lorri Holt), allowing Éowyn to defeat the Witch-lord of Angmar. The Army of the Dead appears, annihilating Mordor’s forces and protecting Minas Tirith only as they seem to be overpowered.


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