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Spider-Man 2002 Video Game action-adventure PC game based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man and the 2002 film Spider-Man. It was released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox, and was developed by Treyarch and distributed by Activision. The sport contributes to the storyline of the film, such as scenes and heretics that are no longer relevant in the film. 15 Years of age and Steve Buscemi revisited their positions as Spider-Man and the Grim Reaper, alike, while Jeff Bennett reprised his role as a boxing ring presenter in the film., portrays the sport’s illuminating exercise and further ranks.

Spider-Man 2002 Video Game

The spider-man 2002 video game received mostly favorable reviews, but some people were critical of its length, voice boards, and digicam power. It was previously followed by the use of Spider-Man 2 from 2004 to propel the look of the displacing film, and Spider-Man 3 from 2007 to propel the look of the 1/3 film.

Spider-Man 2002 Video Game Story

The plot begins with Peter Parker developing super-terrifying little critter controls that lead to him being swallowed by a genetically engineered insect. After battling to stay in shape as Spider-Man, Peter is squashed when his Uncle Ben is killed by the head of the Skulls’ gang, Harpoon. Peter pursues the assailant and devises a strategy to defeat him and his gang. In both, Peter vows to use his abilities for the greater good and to fight villainy in Manhattan. Norman Osborn and OsCorp are learning about the existence of this new holy individual at the time. Tense to bolster his “Super-Soldier” Natural Performance Enhancer Serum, the requisite destinations of which are presently proved by using the saint, Osborn orders the trap of Spider-Man, moving on non-public eye killer robots, therefore. Bug Man defeats the machines and emerges victorious. Meanwhile, the Kick has just robbed a bank and is fleeing with his henchmen when Spidey arrives, only to be attacked by Vampire. Kick is followed by Creepy crawly Guy. His war with Kick takes him through Grand Central Station, the stitchers, and a string motor vehicle station, where Spider-Man beats him in a climactic battle. Jar instructs Spider in a short period after that – Man with a fondness for Buzzard’s domestic, a historic clocktower on the city’s Lower East Side. Embarrassing little creature The man scales Buzzard’s capstone, but the Vulture flees. On the Chrysler Building, Bug Man beats Buzzard.

Osborn’s scientists learn that two existents with eight – felony beastie DNA are on the loose in Manhattan, and he orders their capture. Eight-criminal beast-like robots are on the hunt for a vital Scorpion among the seamsters. When Peter goes down to the lacing buses with Stunner to take prints of his hostilities locus, he runs into Scorpion. Following Spider-assistance Man’s in squashing the robots, the unmistakably nervous and deranged Scorpion flips on Spidey, and the two clash. Bug Man is victorious, and the Scorpion is knocked down. Norman Osborn is fired from OsCorp at this stage, and he takes his untested super-powers with him. To transform into the unfathomable scale of time fussed Green Goblin, trooper serum was used. At the semiweekly OsCorp Unity Day Festival, Bug Man defeats the Goblin. After a while, Goblin confronts Spider-Man again and is squashed, but informs Spider-Man of clinkers planted in the area. Spidey is targeted once more with the help of Green Goblin, this time with dreadful little contraptions known as razor billies before time runs out to defuse the clinkers.

Spider-Man 2002 Video Game Plot

By using a genetically engineered awful little animal, Peter Parker creates super-bug controls that prevent him from being eaten. The spider-man 2002 video game begins with a discretionary academic practice, portrayed by Bruce Campbell, in which Peter figures out how to use his abilities while the player learns the game’s controls and how to audit the HUD. Peter is squashed after his Uncle Ben is butchered by a carjacker, relegating him to a boxing match as Spider-Man. Peter uses his new abilities to track down and defeat the Deathsman. Peter promises to use his abilities to help the beautiful and fight the evil in Manhattan.

Norman Osborn and OSCORP are assessing the existence of this new legend at that time. Osborn orders the capturing of Spider-Man, passing on hawkshaw killer robots in the process, to increase his Mortal Performance Enhancer Serum, the law intents of which are in modern times seemed by way of the saint. This spider-man 2002 video game robot is defeated by the dreadful little brute Man. Meanwhile, the Shock has recently marauded a bank and is fleeing with his henchmen when Spidey lands, only to be struck by Kite. felony beast Man is the first to pursue Jolt. His feud with Jolt propels him across Grand Central Station, through the seamsters, and into the sewers. Spider-Man beats him in a dystopian battle at a lacing bus station. Following that, in a brief period, Buzzard’s domestic and antique clocktower on the Lower East Side of burg edifies Spider-Man in honor. eight – a lawful animal On the Chrysler edifice, man defeats Buzzard.


  • Spider-Man/Peter Parker (as narrated by Tobey Maguire)
  • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin (voiced by way of Willem Dafoe )
  • Mary Jane Watson is a fictional character. (as narrated by Cat O’Conner)
  • Harry Osborn is a fictional character (voiced through Josh Keaton)
  • Herman Schultz/Shocker (voiced by using Michael Beattie)
  • Adrian Toomes/Vulture (voiced using Dwight Schultz)
  • Mac Gargan/Scorpion (voiced using Mike McColl)
  • Mendel Stromm is a German physicist (voiced by using Peter Lurie)
  • Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter (voiced by way of Peter Lurie)
  • The Narrator is a character who tells a story (voiced employing Bruce Campbell)
  • Jameson, J. Jonah (voiced by using Jay Gordon)
  • McGraw, Bone Saw (voiced via Jay Gordon)
  • a security officer (voiced via Dan Gilvezan)

Spider-Man 2002 Video Game Gameplay

A lot of the stations are out, but the rest are outside amongst New York’s towering structures, and he expects to net – sling from one building to the subsequent, but Spider-Man can no longer appear on the ground, as he’ll protest the can if he gets too close. Stations are engaged in ” scraps,” with a reserve foe for each station, with each phase involving three stations. Aside from the final two, the spider-man 2002 video game each station has an award display. In general, there are prizes for ” Time “. ( clear station in a set time),” Marvelous ” (doesn’t cause harm), and ” Style ” ( function anyway multiplex bands as ought to be permitted). Other unmistakable bones are ” Secrets ” (Uncover an unusual zone), and ” Battle “. ( Overmatch all opponents). spider-man 2002 video game Players can gain advantages depending on the ruffle by completing these tries. Every reward in Easy mode is 500 points, 700 points in Normal mode, and 1,000 points in Super-Hero mode.

Swinging, zipping, punching, and objecting are the first boundaries, followed by web, digicam shoo-in, and Web Mode in Enhanced Mode. It has unique non-public consequences depending on how the individual merges exceptional gets. spider-man 2002 video game Divider crawling is personalized, and PlayStation games are often organized to transport both heavy and light items such as engines and chairs. Gold Spiders are used to closely close 21 individual fighting quintets, each with four net controls and a ” replace ” to each. There’s also a “puzzle mode,” in which Spider-Man is in shadow and is then vulnerable to hostiles. This is necessary to obtain excessive enthrallment in the spider-man 2002 video game.

Spider-Man 2002 Video Game Reception

The critical reception was positive, with a diverse group of highbrows at the time hailing it as the most stylish Spider-Man reconstruction yet. Regardless, the focus was on the deepest recesses, with Tobey Maguire’s voice and a terrifying frame. Similarly, it used to be excessively fast and could be completed in three hours. Yes, despite these flaws, this spider-man 2002 video game was once good enough to get an 8.4 out of 10 from IGN, a 9.3 out of 10 from GamePro, and a four out of five from GameSpy.

In North America alone, high agreements (clones of the PlayStation 2 interpretation (6) and more than on the GameCube and Xbox) were sold, allowing the spider-man 2002 video game to join the ” Megahits ” of each cabinet (PS2’s Greatest Megahits, GameCube’s Player’s Choice, and Xbox’s Platinum Megahits). On the Xbox, it was lifted to ” Max awesome perspective Platinum Megahits “.


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