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Obscure Video Game game developed by Hydravision Production and released on October 1, 2004, in Europe and April 6, 2005, in Northern Europe by Nutcracker Interactive PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It was previously appropriated in this way by Ubisoft in China and by MC2-Microids in rainbow spaces. In the year 2005, Microsoft launched the Windows harborage.

Obscure Video Game

The plot revolves around five over-the-hill high understudies at a private charitable seminary who find an investigation office where tests are conducted on the understudy body’s chosen realities. Their main goal is to keep Kenny safe, warn the seminary, keep their schoolteachers safe, and make it out alive.

Obscure Video Game Story

At Leafmore High, the Unusual Movables are on their way down. Three kids head out on a quest to find their missing confidante. They are currently encircling up dashed inside the academy before someone else notices them, and they want to make quick work of the unusual occasions.

The player assumes charge of five young people as they visit the academy and combat specific forms of dilute understudies. The understudies discover that the adversaries are vulnerable to light, obscure video games with direct solar wishing to pulverize them. Electric lights help to incapacitate their enemies and the menacing stupid unfold involving them to some extent.

The students invent the computer that turns understudies into modified monsters using composites, which are built on an odd mill spore and can allow humans to survive forever. It’s been discovered that the obscure video game medical specialist, Elisabeth, and the head, Herbert, are over a hundred years old but seem to be in their 60s based on the tests they performed on each other.

The understudies then examine Herbert, who is played by a teacher who is attempting to rid himself of the contamination caused by Herbert’s experiments. Leonard, Herbert’s double-barreled, sees his lifeless kin and lets us go fully. He assassinates the teacher and then abandons the kids to beat up on the neat oddity on display right now.

They return to the conditioning position after beating him and in shape themselves with the fix. Regardless, Leonard reappears, and after a fight, Leonard surrenders to the light, and everything returns to normal.

Obscure Video Game Player characters

Obscure allows players to control and switch from one of five playable characters. The various personalities may be computer-controlled, or a second participant will join in at any moment since the obscure video game participant controls only one persona at a time.

  • Josh Carter (voiced by Sam Riegel) – A shy and reserved reporter for the school paper. He can tell if there is something left to do in a place, such as picking up gadgets or visiting locations that add to the plot.
  • Stanley Jones (voiced by Scott Haze) – A stoner who does drugs, and is good friends with Josh and Kenny. He is a thief and computer hacker. He can pick locks and get into rooms more easily.
  • Kenny Matthews (voiced by Liam O’Brien) – He is the varsity athlete and Shannon’s older brother.
  • Shannon Harrison (voiced by Hannah Sheh) is Kenny’s intelligent youngest daughter. Shannon dresses provocatively to take the focus away from her intelligence. She helps others solve mysteries and treats wounds. With a normal health item, she can recover 20 percent quicker.
  • Ashley Thompson (voiced by Tara Platt) – She is a cheerleader and Kenny’s girlfriend. She can rapidly shoot a handgun and does more harm with most guns than most people.
  • Dan – He is a student and the first human Kenny comes across inside a room in the basement. His health is critically low due to being a test subject. While he and Kenny try to run together, he becomes killed by a beast very easily, and his death is inevitable.


Olivier Derivière wrote and recorded 24 songs.

  1. Main Titles
  2. Empty School
  3. Something Hidden
  4. First Ones
  5. Blowing Up a Wall
  6. Being Surrounded
  7. Herbert Friedman
  8. Who is Herbert?
  9. Wickson, the Nurse
  10. Infested Place
  11. Give Us Eternity
  12. The First Queen
  13. Pure Suite
  14. Wickson and Leonard
  15. The Second Queen
  16. Gardener’s Story
  17. Herbert’s Secret Office
  18. Old Movie
  19. Friedman’s Place
  20. Finding Leo
  21. Final Fight
  22. Leonard’s Death
  23. Death
  24. End Titles

Obscure Video Game Gameplay

Dim has a two-player friendly mode that allows the player to complete the commercial enterprise with a pal. The obscure video game also allows players to combine results, such as taping an electrically driven light to some ammunition. Several critics, like X-Play, have claimed that this was once the obscure video game only redeeming attribute, and have chastised room d’s 3 for failing to follow such advice.

Although each personality has its own set of shortcomings, none of them are crucial to the ultimate success of the obscure video game. Regardless of whether or not a few players take longer and sweat more than others, each player will play out real-life expositions. Nonetheless, If any characters object to the receptacle throughout the encounter, the individual can continue honestly with this plus.

Side projects and unborn children

After that, Dim II takes place two areas later. The sprouts that make it through are dedicated to their studies and live well-known lives. They close down a bizarre shop nearby, and paraphernalia begins to drift away. Previously, the obscure game ps4 was available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Wii, and PlayStation Portable. Owing to the demise of Hydravision Entertainment, who had proposed to do a duration and maybe a prequel, the foundation was once unawares finished.

Final Quiz, on the other hand, is a side mission from the sketch that was released in 2013 for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Microsoft Windows.

In 2016, a first-class remaster of Obscure and its time was released on Steam, complete with Haze achievements, leaderboards, and community. Due to the lack of copyright, this edition of Obscure included a song from Sum forty-one.


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