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The creators are phoning home so many computer games that fit into movies and sadly that’s the case for Jumanji Video Game. This video game takes inspiration from Jumanji’s characters and events: Welcome to the Jungle, but all that made the film entertaining is missing. In Jumanji Video Game players have to select one of the four key characters to play in the movie: Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Professor Sheldon “Shelly” Oberon, Franklin “Cat” Finbar or Ruby Roundhouse. This is about the only area where the game works: the character design is sufficiently decent to make every one recognizable.

Jumanji Video Game

Each character has one unique ability which is useful when crossing levels and facing enemies. When described in the tutorial, gameplay includes gathering four parts of an artifact to unlock a door that leads to an obelisk utilizing the artifacts’ strength to charge up and unlock another door. The player ‘s objective is to travel with the other characters (either AI-controlled or co-op) through every level while battling enemies to capture the artifacts. And it is as easy as it seems. Though enemies often attack, defeating them is as straightforward as firing a weapon at them or using special abilities. However, as players hit the obelisk stuff becomes more difficult, as more enemies strike when charging the obelisk. And with the obelisk requiring characters keeping the pieces of the artifact close to it to charge, this provides what is essentially the game’s only challenge. The main character can also hand over pieces of the artifact to other players, which is generally helpful.

Unfortunately, the whole game is essentially this. There are about five levels per area and just four areas. Realistically, in a matter of hours, a player might be tackling this challenge. At a low difficulty level, it can take marginally longer, but even then, the game becomes incredibly repetitive and dull. The only aspect that varies between locations is the setting: one might place the characters in a desert, while another would send them to a mountainous region. Completing an area can send the player back to the Intro screen to select to repeat or explore another area. At the end of the regions, there are no cutscenes, there are their superiors to handle or story components to drive some sort of worthwhile plot.

What is even more disappointing than the shallow gameplay, dated visuals, bad AI, and mechanics is the lack of the personality and humor of the movies in the Jumanji Video Game. Although characters have some dialogue, over time it is mostly repetitive catchphrases that become annoying. Also, don’t plan to use the voices of the characters in this tie-in title. The voice actors of the game are all right but here they don’t have anything to deal with. The results of music and sound don’t add anything to the description either: there are just none.

What is disappointing regarding the Jumanji Video Game is that the producers have had the chance to take the movie’s enjoyable concept and transform it into a similarly exciting game. Ultimately, however, they didn’t give the Jumanji game the recognition it warranted and turned out to be a product worth its $40 price tag, instead.


Despite providing the same protagonists as the game, Jumanji Video Game does have very little to do with the game in which it is based. Instead of leading the four protagonists across the forest into a whimsical yet action-heavy journey, Jumanji Video Game is urging the player to embark on a series of bite-sized tasks.

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The game is very low on storytelling; you and the other Jumanji team leaders must save Jumanji’s planet by bringing a mystical jewel across several stages. You’ll have to dodge spikes, shield obelisks, and gather gem fragments while you battle off different nameless baddies with zero histories.

Through degree starts with a tiny voice-over briefing from Nigel’s safari guide that provides the action with some context. Jumanji Video Game loses almost anything that made the Jumanji movies enjoyable except the option of actors and the basic sense of adventuring in the forest.


Just as in the series, as in the Jumanji Video Game, you can play 4 roles. Each one after their respective actor or actress resembles the film. The voice-work ranges from decent to hilariously bad, compounded by the fact that the bulk of dialogs are one-line written. You’ll be acting as Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Professor Shelly Oberon, or Franklin’s ‘Mouse’ Finbar. — The character has a slightly different look and a special usability skill, but neither of them seems to be especially interesting to handle.

The game primarily acts as a third-person shooter, with an extra melee attack and special skill for good measure being tossed into it. Playing with pals either locally or online can tackle 4 different levels. The game is better played as a social environment but you can find a hard-to-press wireless lobby. Tariffs vary from forest shootouts to mountain shootouts, within the center peppered a few other forgettable shootouts. Finishing will take about 20 minutes, resulting in a game that can be completed with less time than it takes to watch the video.


Jumanji Video Game, identical to Left 4 Dead or Odd Brigade, is designed to be played over and over again. You’ll level up their ranks when you spend time playing as every player does. For both clothes and weapons, higher ranks allow different cosmetic choices but that’s it. There is a desperate shortage of content to inspire you to keep playing unless you just enjoy what color shirt your character wears.

Overall, the method of advancement ends up looking like a feeble effort to have replayability. Without it, Jumanji Video Game stands as a four-level cooperative shooter and looks remarkably close. There is no story to bind things together because if it’s all done, there are no congratulations. That seems like a waste of time which might have been best spent on introducing additional weapons or mechanics for gameplay.

SHOULD YOU PLAY Jumanji Video Game?

Jumanji Video Game stumbles despite the incorporation of global and local split-screen gaming and falls flat on its feet in every other way. The storytelling is non-existent, the gameplay is weak and uninspired and it feels incomplete throughout the pack. Either because of a delayed production or because of slapdash interface ideas, Jumanji Video Game seems like the most selfish of movie tie-ins.

I can’t recommend a Jumanji Video Game to anyone on a mid-tier price tag. Unless you are crazily interested and there’s a big discount on the card, I ‘d avoid it at all costs. But by the expectations of the last decade the graphics are underwhelming, and so is the gameplay. There was a promise for an entertaining experience of meta-humor and arcade-like gamification here, but it’s all lost a little bit.

Jumanji Video Game stands out as one of the year’s most overpriced and underwhelming titles.


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