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Playing family guy video games! Is a video game produced by Seth MacFarlane for the 2006 TV show, Family Man, and published by 2 K Games. The software is released in the United States on PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles, and in the UK on PSP, Wii, and Xbox 360 platforms.

List of Family Guy video games

TitleRelease detailsPlatform(s)
Family Guy Video Game!Released: 2006
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: High Voltage Software
Xbox, PS2, PSP
Family Guy Video Games (pinball)Released: 2007
Manufacturer: Stern
Developer: 20th Century Fox
Pinball machine
Family Guy Video Games: UncensoredReleased: 2009
Publisher: Glu Mobile
Developer: Glu Mobile
Family Guy Video Games: Time WarpedReleased: 2010
Publisher: Glu Mobile
Developer: Glu Mobile
Family Guy Video Games OnlineReleased: 2012
Publisher: 20th Century Fox Video Games
Developer: Roadhouse Interactive
Family Guy Video Games: Back to the MultiverseReleased: 2012
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Heavy Iron Studios
360, PS3, PC
Family Guy Video Games: The Quest for StuffReleased: April 10, 2014
Publisher: Fox Digital Entertainment
Developer: TinyCo
iOS, Android
Family Guy Video Games: Another Freakin’ Mobile GameReleased: 2017
Publisher: Fox Digital Entertainment
Developer: Jam City
iOS, Android

Family Guy video games Overview

The development of the game draws on the different TV show seasons, and the game-play is comparable to an arcade game. The game plot helps the player to monitor the series’ three main protagonists, Peter, Stewie, and Brian. All of the tales are related in different ways. His half-brother, Bertram, returns in Stewie ‘s novel and aims to take over the country. Stewie ‘s plot is about attempting to avoid him. In the plot of Peter after being hit by his satellite dish, Peter is under the illusion that his father has been abducted by a Mr. Belvedere, a character from 80’s TV. Peter scans around the game to locate his nemesis. And lastly, in the plot of Brian, Brian is charged for potentially impregnating Seabreeze, the award-winning horse. Brian, I haven’t, needs to locate the true culprit.

Family Guy video games

Family Guy video games Gameplay

Every character has a particular standard. Stewie’s are shooting ones, while Peter’s are fighting ones, and third, Brian’s are stealthy ones. The tests are very unique for every standard. There are 25 stages in all, for Stewie 8, for Peter 11 and Brian 6. The game areas include the Griffin building, the Quahog Hospital, the police department and their weapons, Geronimo ‘s Palace Casino, the pier, and numerous locations inside Peter’s body, the Quahog 5 News station, and the dog park. The game’s key attribute is the mini-games, which are of the same vein as the cutaway gags and can be described as being shorter than 10 seconds long. The game also includes the different disguises and masks that Peter and Brian had been shown sporting that was never used on the series. Peter’s inventions involve Rufus Rex, a hooker, and A.N.N.A. from “The King Is Dead,” the Neo-Human Automaton Atomic Network. Brian’s disguises include a peanut butter jelly-period mirror, pimp, cheerleader, and banana mask. Stewie is not utilizing disguises but is getting updates to the weapons as the game progresses.

Family Guy Video Game Review

Family Guy Video Games is a television series that typically wins its love or hates its answer. To be sure, it’s crass but that’s part of its charm. The stories are spreading quicker than other people can keep up with, and their reliance on random events and experiences leaves many scratching their heads and asking what the big deal is. The subsequent videogame of the same name has already been generated by its popularity, and while the surreal humor and suspense work for the show, it just falls flat within the background of videogames.

This takes the Family Guy Video Games you to take care of three of the show’s most significant characters: Peter, Stewie, and Brian. The very same Family Guy, Peter, is an action-only hero. You’ve pummeled your way to each of the rates by what are almost invariably innocent spectators. Brian’s parts are all stealth-oriented while Stewie ‘s role in the game is a combination of shooting and platforming. Sadly these three aspects are highly boring, have very few issues, and provide very little pleasure.

The action-based stages of Peter are incredibly boring, and at best resemble what we saw in the arcade version of The Simpson years before. There’s a little bit more of a hybrid system at work here, but still, it sounds compulsive. Many players can only be injured by hits, and others can be injured by kicks, causing you to quickly turn off the attacks until you have justification to use them. It does not help at all that the built-in lock-on mechanism is incredibly weak, which also renders it impossible to finish a combination. Many opponents don’t appear to have strength as well as a vulnerability against a maneuver that can finish them off, like an uppercut, just because it may often be tough against finish a combination as characters switch about, you’ll only have to pummel them to death constantly. The only thing you’re going to do like Peter attacks and hit people, old adults, Indians, and so on. It gets worn very, very thin by the time you hit his third place.

Brian’s assignments are just as stealthy as you can find in an old school. Instead of seeing players roam locations at random, they adopt rather specific directions and operate in routines. In other words, his ratings are all trial-and-error with plenty of patience mixed in as you only have to wait for other players to finish their rounds before the coast is open. There are a few chances for alternative tactics, such as putting on masks and disguising yourself, but each venue is set up to force you to do so so they ‘re much more mandatory than possible.

Stewie ‘s tasks are the funniest times in the game or perhaps the least dull and exhausting of them. Most of the time you’ll use his ray gun to destroy opponents, but in other cases, you’ll use his mind control ray to take on another player and use them as a sort of distraction. Unlike the episodes of Brian, though, both of these are coerced, but they do have at least a little bit of puzzle-solving.

Stewie’s platforming parts are realistic, if not always that complex, but due to the graphical design of the title, the complexity and physical space between items can be challenging to determine. It’s not too much of a concern, but while jumping across platforms, you’ll need to be very vigilant to monitor your shadow ‘s location, more so than normal.

One part of the parts of Stewie we had a huge difficulty with is several slipping rates. You wind up flopping down on your belly and rolling over human flesh, blood, and other abominable things. During these parts, you don’t have power over speed and your control level is very limited, enabling you to switch only one tad bit on either side. The only trap here is that you can bounce off anytime you strike a rough surface, and shift course. Since your turning radius is incredibly large, mimicking a pinball or turning around without a simple way to do a U-turn isn’t that unusual to you.

A relatively significant majority of the show’s humor depends on insane memories, frequently accompanied by a joke saying, “This is wilder than the time I saw Martha Stewart bobbing for hand grenades.” The game also utilizes such memories to incorporate a variety of mini-games. Those are incredibly simple, which provide you with certain small power-ups, such as Brian’s invisibility or Stewie’s ray gun extra enhancement bullets. The mini-games themselves aren’t much of a problem, but they are still not tightly integrated into the title. While sometimes the series (read: usually) goes far to get them, certain parts of the game come from the left-field and are extremely tackled on by music. For eg, at one stage you need to sneak up with Brian via a police station. He is in the middle of the station and says, “That’s why I’m not taking part,” and so you have to dodge Abraham Lincoln ‘s lungs while standing in front of polling booths. This just makes no sense whatsoever, and thus holds little meaning other than nonsense.

Family Guy Video Games Notes

  • Stewie has a yellow cupboard in his room in the game but it is blue in the show.
  • Most of Quahog is in the video on Spooner Street so it’s in the series on different streets.
  • Several characters seen in this game have died, but they remain in normal stages.
  • It’s announced that Geronimo ‘s Palace Casino is in Quahog so it’s on the way to New York in “The Son Also Draws.”
  • If Brian does the Peanut butter jelly dance on the PSP edition, it just goes out to the dance floor where someone suddenly comes from nowhere.
  • The game appears to have been called T for Teen but is branded M for Mature. But M is classified for Teen in Australia’s Australian edition of T.
  • At the semen point, you will see Peter’s testicles if you climb far enough.
  • Chris is the sole unplayable part of Griffin ‘s extended kin.

Family Guy video games Verdict

Family Guy Video Games is attempting to do stuff, everything is crammed into one game of three separate styles, but none of them fits well at all. This is more times than it should be tedious, dull, and sometimes irritating route. Die-hard show fans might consider a little bit of fun here, so if you’re very bored it may be worth renting for an hour or two, just absolutely don’t waste your money on the maximum purchase price.

Playing Family Guy Video Games and Enjoy Your Time.


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