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The desolate video game is an action-adventure video game developed by Nearga and released by HypeTrain Interactive, an open-world first-person survival horror.

The game will take place on a fictitious island called Granichny where clandestine tests culminated in a major “mutation” of the planet. The player takes on the part of a Volunteer, who has to investigate the island’s mysterious activity, collect knowledge, and perform risky tasks.

Desolate Video Game PC

Desolate Video Game Review

We’ve seen several games offer us tales about past incidents, and also those that somewhat build on the accuracies and offer us something new, but there are none out there that were brave enough to produce a special tale bound up with an alternate version about real-life occurrences. Yeah, we’ve got Wolfenstein, but Desolate video game is one of the games seeking to do exactly that. Nevertheless, instead of frenzied FPS combat and film narration, we are introduced instead to a game that aims to contend with the likes of the Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R series by adding elements of survival and an open-world atmosphere. Where would it go against such strong members of the genre? We grabbed a flashlight and headed to Granichny ‘s dark, dreary island to find out!

So, Desolate video game is a game that tries to tell an alternative past of the Soviet Empire, and two years before the huge and enigmatic catastrophe that radiated and poisoned Granichny Island ‘s numerous inhabitants with these players are taken out. Now that unexplained phenomena are stirring a mess on the abandoned island and with a shadowy group named The New Light attempting to cover up stuff, it’s time to move into the shoes of one of the volunteers seeking to explore the various occurrences that strike the island.

Desolate Video Game

One aspect that surprised me with Bleak early on was the opportunity to hop in and play the game as a cooperative community of up to three others. Although the game can be played alone, it is even more fun with friends to visit the eerie island and learn about its residents but it also takes away from the attention on how hollow this excessively optimistic environment is.

Players are immediately taken into the tutorial stage at the start of the game and while I’m not a fan of hand-holding tutorials, the one here does a pretty good job of showing the ropes, setting up a bit of the next plot without pushing you to rush along. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t take long before you learn that it’s going to be the best you’re going to get in terms of focused gameplay, with the prolog boasting of horrid experiments being carried out on the inhabitants of the islands, before the player is slowly but progressively compelled to find a way to escape the dark and dreary house.

After leaving the tutorial area, players are then let loose in the open-world setting and it appears as you would expect at first glance, with a fantastic essence of a looming danger, with a full exploration of the island’s surroundings available from the start. You will soon find yourself meeting the disgusting and irradiated monsters that inhabit the land as you walk through the barren and sterile fields, most of which seem to be on a relentless quest to destroy you. Along with these foul creatures, though, there are comments that, if learned, tend to bring together multiple facets of the story and give certain details about what has happened on the island through diaries and scribblings.

Exceptionally though, that is so far as things go in terms of a fully interactive gaming environment, with player encounters happening through tiny dialog boxes reminiscent of earlier Fallout games.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that and by offering Glorious access from off to a full open-world, there’s a lot to learn through studying – enemies and their diverse abilities can be found through research and evaluation – and that knowledge in battle makes it easier to get the upper hand. Since the game can only be performed by up to four teams, the research conditions are almost non-existent if you just choose to hop in and blast away at the first item that moves, so whether you are playing alone then studying the adversaries – figuring out the best critical hits and more – has a degree of importance for the proceedings.

Another critical thing is personal safety just like every traditional survival game, Desolate video game has a structure introduced in which players have to take control of their physical and emotional well-being. It’s a required addition because the consequences will get very severe if you neglect them for too long, with a weak emotional condition influencing how our characters see the universe. The desolate video game is sadly not quite the refined and satisfying activity it has the ability to be. There, you have met both of them since you encountered the first Dorg, Madmen, and so on. After the first encounter, there’s nothing fresh to come about, and the same goes for everything else you’ll find, with buildings sharing the same textures, and most jumpscares are usually predictable. Instead of instilling a level of predictability to the gameplay, this takes any enjoyment or true horror experience out of the play.

One feature to note though is the mechanic of craftsmanship, which is done through the collection of different resources while out and about in the world; bringing it all together at the different crafting stations. This helps you to either prepare a previously invented recipe, design a weapon, or change your current hardware, and although that’s nothing we haven’t seen in other games, it performs well and is often really accurate.

Nonetheless, the main problem I have with Desolate video game is that while getting many elements of other famous titles, it just seems a bit out of place. The overwhelming desire to create the next Stalker is one that unfortunately falls short, with horror tropes unable to maintain any real sense of fear, endless skipped shocks, relentless combat activity, and an open-world trying to find enough to keep the player busy.

Graphically and Desolate video game is hit and miss a little again. Within the map, the island’s grizzly and bleak environment is well portrayed, but this is not necessarily a game that will see imaginative awards come in ample supply. Dated graphics make it again look like the older Fallout and Stalker titles, and with all of these series offering way more in-depth and more satisfying encounters, there’s no excuse you’d want to waste time doing it all over again in a title that isn’t as well crafted as possible.

The guys over at Nearga desolate video game have sought to provide the aforementioned hit show with a dedicated challenger, but the lack of compelling material, piece-by-piece scripting, and an obvious identity dilemma are likely to push the fans away. Sure the potential is there for something amazing and with a little further initiative it could be tempting but for too little to decide what Nearga Games is attempting to achieve, Barren on PC comes into the umbrella of seeking to please everybody yet eventually battling.

With a budget nowhere near the size of its already lucrative peers, this is one which will be easily forgotten when the next major open-world adventure drops in.

The central gameplay of Wasteland is based on Beyond Despair-a game created by Pixelmate that was published on January 16, 2017. Beyond Failure was no business gain, and because of its financial condition, Pixelmate was closed down.

A member of the old team has built a new project, with financial help from HypeTrain Media, expanding Beyond Despair’s gameplay and introducing new material. Most of the improvements to the gameplay were driven by fan feedback. The proprietors of Beyond Misery earned a free copy of Bleak.

The desolate video game was on Steam Early Access, with the final edition released now.


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